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Three Month Teaching Assistant Programme Proposal – CONNECT & Goethe University Frankfurt

CONNECT and the Institute of English & American Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt have developed a FREE Teaching / Language Assistant programme with their trainee language teachers.  These are 3 month placements (with the possibility to extend) starting in either the Autumn / Spring Term in which students work in host schools (primary, secondary or special) as teaching assistants and or/ where appropriate, language assistants supporting MFL provision.  They are extremely motivated students with a high level of English, some of whom already have wide ranging teaching experience. 

This opportunity is open to Level 2 Connect members keen to host a student for a 3 month period of un-paid class based work experience in which they would support a class teacher, lead lessons or parts of lessons and carry out pre-planned activities with pupils.  The aim would be to provide these future teachers with hands-on, practical experience of life within a UK school while also providing a wonderful opportunity for schools to introduce an international dimension into the classroom and where relevant, gain support with German language teaching.  The students (who would be funded under the Erasmus Undergraduate Programme) would cover their own costs and find their own accommodation but the host school would be expected to welcome them fully into the life and activities of the school.

Need a helping hand in class?

Then welcome to Frankfurt University Teaching Assistant Programme!

Expectations for visiting students and host school. 


If you are interested in taking part or would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact the CONNECT office.

CONNECT Spanish Student Internship Scheme with UECEU

CONNECT has been working for several years on this very successful student placement / work

experience programme with a university in  Valencia, Spain.


A group of CONNECT schools have been hosting the universities Primary Education degree students

to carry out short periods of unpaid work experience working as a native Spanish assistant. The

students´ placements are carried out and funded out as part of the Erasmus Work Placement

Programme.  The Erasmus grant covers all salary, accommodation costs and also covers the students

for illness, accidents and liability and there is no cost to the host school. The students find

accommodation for themselves prior to the start of the placement.


The scheduled work placement dates are usually in the Autumn and Spring terms and students are expected to work full time and be fully immersed into the school life.


All students remain in contact with a personal mentor at the university during their placements, and

that mentor keeps in touch with the school to monitor the student´s progress., As these placement

opportunities are very limited, the university carries out a thorough selection process for the students

who do go, evaluating their level of English, academic records, personal qualities etc.  They are all

trained to teach the Spanish language at both infant and primary education level, and also to

introduce the English language to non-native speakers. Criminal record certificates are applied for via

the Spanish Ministry of Justice website and students will present the necessary documentation for

each placement.


The idea of these work experience placements are that the students will develop the following skills: 

  • Classroom management.

  • Understanding and applying processes of interaction and communication in the classroom, and mastering the necessary social skills to create an environment which facilitates learning and group work.

  • Utilising the relevant techniques and strategies to control and monitor the learning process.

  • Relating theory and practical experience to the classroom and school itself.

  • Participating in teaching activity, acting and reflecting on practical experience.

  • Participating in suggestions for improvement which may be established by the school.

  • Managing processes of interaction and communication for groups of students of up to 12 years.

  • Collaborating with the different sectors of the educational community, and the social environment

Further information


If you are interested in finding out more / would like to be considered for next year’s programme please contact the CONNECT office

New York Global Scholars ICT Project linking pupils all over the world - Nature and Our Cities

CONNECT schools are again taking part in the 2019-20 Global Scholars project with New York (pupils aged

10 -13).  This technology driven education program connects urban schools from around the world in

dialogue about different urban challenges.  

Global Scholars is an international digital exchange program for students ages 10 to 13. Right now, Global

Scholars connects over 13,500 students in 64 cities in 29 countries. Guided by their teachers, students

participate in a project-based curriculum and engage with international peers in an interactive

e-classroom.  Students broaden their perspectives by discovering common experiences and exploring

issues through personal, local, and global lenses. They develop global competency skills needed in today’s

world—cultural understanding, appreciation for diversity, digital literacy, and critical thinking. 

The 2019-20 Global Scholars curriculum - Nature and Our Cities

More people live in cities today than ever before. As urban areas expand, their needs increase as well -

for energy, transportation, housing, waste disposal, and other services. However, the actions city leaders

and residents take to support public health and infrastructure sometimes create new challenges for local

and global ecosystems. Through the 2019-20 Global Scholars curriculum, students investigate the impacts

of urbanization and develop solutions that improve the lives of people in cities while protecting the

natural environment and biodiversity worldwide Global Cities, Inc. provides the curriculum, access to the

password-protected e-classroom, and year-long professional development. The program is conducted in

English, and students with a variety of English-language fluency levels can successfully participate. Schools

provide at least one computer or tablet with a reliable internet connection for every two students, two hours per week for program activities, and an enthusiastic educator to lead activities and participate in required professional development. There are no fees to participate.

Lead teacher responsibilities:

  • To guide students through all curriculum activities, including discussions, online communication, and                                                               multimedia projects (NYC Global Partners provides necessary professional development activities and                                                       resources).

  • To teach students how to use the collaborative website and supervise online discussion and content                                                                  posted to the website.

  • To give some additional time on a weekly basis to read the teacher resources and lesson plans.

  • To participate fully in all activities as set out by Global Partners Junior

  • To communicate regularly with CONNECT / Global Partners Junior on progress / problems etc

Programme Overview 

Paris Symposium hosted by Michael Bloomberg 

If you are interested in finding out more / would like to register to take part next year, please contact the CONNECT office

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