The Tower Hamlets ~ North London Linking Project




This project is for primary and special schools in Tower Hamlets and across London, to link and learn together.

Students will gain the ability and self-belief for readiness for contact with others beyond their social groups through online connections. Together we will nurture resilience to cope with the current pandemic, as well as develop the necessary confidence, skills, beliefs and experience for successful intergroup collaboration to get ready for life beyond Covid-19.

Our project will commence with a remote training session using Zoom just before the Easter break on 23rd March, 4 – 5.30pm.   Over the summer term the project schools will be supported every step of the way to engage in a linking programme designed to emphasis reaching out, making new friends and connecting with others beyond our usual groups.  The focus will be on bringing fun and enjoyment to school life and re-energising connections.  Resources will be provided for a very flexible and user-friendly programme of lessons and exchanges, where children will learn together about identity, community, diversity and belonging. 

The project support will include: 

  • Partnering with a like-minded school in the contrasting locality in London

  • Two Zoom training sessions to enable coordinators to run all aspects of the project

  • Tried and tested online resources – everything provided to simply run with it!

  • Sessions can be adapted to home-learning

  • Teacher Guides – paper copies and PDFs posted to your school, providing a hard copy of ‘the manual’

  • On-going support available by email, Zoom and telephone

  • Impact, reflection and evaluation activities built-in, not bolted on


To register your school or to find out more please get in touch:

Anne Roots:  Tel: 0208 374 9211

Learn more about our project, here

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