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World Peace

We are delighted to announce that Connect has joined the British Council’s Internationalism Alliance initiative, developed in partnership with the Prince’s Trust and involving more than 50 partners from across the UK such as, Scouts UK, Tate Collective, Museums Liverpool, International Newcastle, UKYouth, MyLifeMySay and many more…


We have committed to the Alliance’s pledge:

  “We want to offer every child and young person in the United Kingdom, whatever their background or interests, the opportunity to learn from – and connect with – other people in the UK and around the world. The UK’s future will be shaped by our international links and the way we work with partners to tackle the challenges facing us all. We pledge to do what we can to give our young people the understanding, skills and confidence to make those connections for themselves – to enrich their lives and the lives of everyone in the UK.”

In line with the Alliance aims, as an organisation we believe that young people should have connections to communities and cultures that are different to their own and that international and intercultural experiences and connections with peers around the world are important and beneficial to the children and young people we support.

We believe all children and young people need diverse connections and skills, both within their communities and internationally, to build a better future for themselves and for the UK. In the face of the truly global challenge of Covid-19, we believe these connections are important now more than ever.

Find out more about the Internationalism Alliance:

‘Together, we believe we can enable all young people, whatever their background, to widen their horizons and gain new life-changing skills through international connections’.