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Etwinning (Europe)

Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation for links with schools in Japan

Modern Languages Assistants

Partner Finding

Partner Finding


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Links to Useful Websites / Resources

Developing a Global Learning Approach



British Council / Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL):

On-line and Home Resources:

There are a  range of learning resources to help plan online classes or share with parents:, as well as online courses to develop your skills in global learning. 

There are a range of new, exciting resources and activities being uploaded on a regular basis. For the fastest updates, follow the British Council on twitter and Facebook, where they will be sharing classroom ideas, remote learning tips and stories from their community.

If you would like to sign u to the CCGL Newsletter - sign up online

Information which you may find useful has been put together for you.  Work is also being done with Pearson's / global learning colleagues and educators in other parts of the world to discuss and develop possible resources that might help schools / pupils and partners sensitively explore the impact / issues around COVID 19.  As soon as there is any more information about this we will let you know.

COVID Resources - The Economist - See Attached

Online resources for primary schools. It maybe of use to you if you are sending home ideas to pupils to keep up their language learning.


Please do get in touch if you would like any support / further information on any of the opportunities listed below or would like advice on how to get more involved. 

Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning Programme - Funding for Virtual Partnerships to be made available:

Schools can apply for grant funding to support their online collaboration and global learning (with new or existing partners) - see funding table below. 

For virtual projects, funds can be spent on: CPD, supply cover, project work, dissemination of impact/celebrations and overseas communication costs (travel not included) and applicants will have flexibility on how that amount is spent across these eligible costs. Schools in the UK must be linked with an equal number of schools in a participating country overseas and are required to implement a collaborative pupil project linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. We recommend that the project should last at least one school term in length.   There are lots of FREE and easy resources / project templates to use and support throughout the application process and beyond.  Schools can also still apply for funding for face-to-face visits although travel is obviously not currently possible.  We have lots of schools in Nepal who are keen to work with us!

For further information:  The next application deadlines are 22nd February & 12th April  



Changes to the British Council International School Award:

  • Current application deadlines are open and schools that have completed their activities in full can submit their applications and be considered for Accreditation and Re-accreditation this year

  • As a one-off exception for schools that have started applying this school year, they are allowed to continue their international work for ISA into the next school year (2020-21) and submit their Impact Evaluation with next years’ deadlines in June / July 2021. Schools that will continue with the application next school year, can submit applications with activities spanning over the two school years, meaning that schools can use the activities they have already completed this year and will have time to re-establish links with partner schools.

  • The accredited status is being extended by one year for all schools that are due Reaccreditation now and are applying at the moment. This means that the accredited status will be valid till 31 August 2021.  If schools apply for Reaccreditation before the deadline this year and are successful, they will be awarded the standard 3 year renewal.

  • Further information/clarification at


Please do get in touch if you would like any support / further information on any of the opportunities listed below or would like advice on how to get more involved.   

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