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Global Scholars Programme On-line Workshop, Wednesday 2nd March, 4 - 5pm 


If you are interested in taking part in the Global Scholars Programme  in 2022/23 please do join us for a virtual (Zoom) workshop on Wednesday 2nd March.  This will be a chance for you to find out more from  colleagues who have been involved and who will be talking about how the programme works in practice / how they are delivering it at their schools (see latest newsletter and information below about the programme).

Please email if you would like to attend

Program Description

Introducing Global Scholars, An International Digital Exchange Program

Global Cities, Inc., a Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, offers an innovative approach to teaching students to engage in constructive dialogue and other skills needed to become globally competent adults. Global Scholars is an international digital exchange program connecting public school students ages 10 to 13 in cities around the world to complete a shared curriculum about solving a global problem. Through the 2021-22 Food, Cities, and Our Future curriculum, students are learning about the global food system. With the oversight of their own teachers, students work together to come up with possible solutions, and then share their ideas in online discussion boards with classmates worldwide.


Cumulatively, over 80,000 students have participated in Global Scholars. The nine-month curriculum based program is integrated into core subjects.

Other Opportunities:

“I’ve got an Idea” Fund (UK)

Individuals or small groups or organisations in the UK who have a novel technical idea which they want to try out can apply for grants of between £250 and £3,000.

Schools and groups of school children can also apply as long as the idea is being technically inventive and novel and, if it worked, delivering either an environmental or social benefit.

The fund has been set up in memory of Peter Williams by his family. Peter spent his life generating a diversity of technical ideas and experimenting to see if they might work. The process always involved others and was always part of the fun. Some of his ideas worked and some of them didn’t but they all left the world a better and more interesting place. The fund is being run in that spirit of imagination, potential impact and fun.

The fund is looking for ideas that:

·         are based on a technical idea or innovation;

·         could deliver a social or environmental benefit;

·         are intriguing, inventive and have an element of fun.

Applicants will be informed within 4 weeks of submission if their application has been successful.


Tesco Launches its Little Helps Campaign to Support Local Communities (UK)

Tesco has launched a campaign to give 60 charities and community projects grants of up to £5,000 to help make a difference to their communities.

The grants are available charities, schools, voluntary and community organisations and other not-for-profit organisations.

Priority will be given to projects that provide food and support to young people, with examples including:

  • A local school needing support to buy food for a children’s breakfast club,

  • A voluntary organisation working with families to run a food bank,

  • A charity supporting young people with specialist advice to manage mental health,

  • A brownie or scout group needing new camping equipment,

  • Kitchen equipment for a youth project to set up a holiday club,

  • Supporting a community centre wanting to put on a celebration lunch or Meals on Wheels service,

  • A healthy eating project that supports families to cook healthy meals on a budget.

The deadline for applications is midnight on the 6th February 2022.