CONNECT supports schools in collaborating globally to broaden pupil’s horizons, develop their active global citizenship skills, deliver an inclusive, anti-racist, rich and relevant curriculum and embed teaching and learning practices that respond to the needs of our diverse communities. 

CONNECT is a partnership of local authorities and schools and is the only organisation of its kind nationally.  It provides on-going specialist support enabling schools to gain access to and the maximum benefit from international funding, training and curriculum development opportunities. The network has close links with the British council, DfID and a range of global learning  and Development Education organisations.


Membership is open to Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Special schools and Colleges


Supporting schools to address the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to UKCOP26   

Connect are delighted to be partners with the London Climate Action Week London Schools Climate Summit

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Connect are also know partnered with Votes for Schools with whom we have been working to support schools in the UK and Nepal

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CONNECT provides in depth on-line and face to face support and guidance for its member schools in applying for funded international programmes and projects.  If you would like to join CONNECT and benefit from this please contact CONNECT office, 

 tel: 020 8359 7780 / 0208 374 9211


Feedback collected from recent INSET

  • Very informative and Anne was very knowledgeable.

  • Very interesting. Sounds like some good opportunities are available (visiting schools in other places). Good to have other focuses to go alongside topics and bringing in the SDG's.

  • This was very interesting and a very 'real' way to open windows for our children.

  • It was good to get some in-dept information about why have links to the UN and how things in the curriculum can be adapted to include these values.

  • Very informative - good to be shown ideas of projects in school. Good reminder of embedding it into each part of our curriculum.

Comments extracted from Survey Monkey re CONNECT service and support:

  • 'I'm really impressed with the level of support available'

  • 'You are doing a brilliant job - keep it up and thank you!'

  • 'CONNECT training sessions are always very well organised, informative and inspiring'

  • Sessions are always very useful, not only in content but by offering an opportunity to network and share experiences with others'